Mama Lagos Shares: Life Of A Lagos Boyfriend

Lagos Boyfriend

Lagos Boyfriend makes it look like there is a different specification of boyfriends in Lagos as against other states in Nigeria or any other place around the World. Well, there is gain saying such because “This is Lagos“.

The Lagos environs has no doubt every authority to change the orientation of any one that makes the move to Lagos or was born in Lagos.

As a guy in Lagos you have the obligation to be a sharp guy with your hustle, your personal life and not leaving out your relationship lifestyle.

As a Lagos Boyfriend if you are still thinking it is an easy task, you are definitely on a long thing! While facing the ever demanding hustle life and the race to make it big in Lagos, you do not have a breathing room to go slack on the attention you feed to your relationship been that Ladies in Lagos do not care how you mix everything up, they just want their chunk of the 24hours/7days.

Being a Lagos Boyfriend or Boyfriend in Lagos needs to be a course of study in the University, one can not totally exhaust the know how archives as a result of dynamic demands of the obligations as required by “Le Boo” that is the girlie.

On this edition of Mama Lagos, we will be sharing with you what we expect of a Lagos Boyfriend but before we go ahead with the next edition, we would like to hear your point of view on this topic.

What do you think the Life of a Lagos Boyfriend should be like? Kindly share your views in the comment box below *Winks*


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