The Ideal Lagos Woman Does Not Want Your Muscle Nor Six Packs

Lagos woman

Lagos woman needs more than more….! We have lived through ages and not seen a woman feed on muscles and six packs. I do not have an idea of women from other parts of the World but i can have me as a mouth piece for a typical Lagos woman.

As a woman based in Lagos, the lots that goes into the relationship plus an extra is required from the man if he wants a happy relationship.

Well, having big muscles and six packs will never be rejected but some needs must be met without deficiencies if a Lagos woman must be satisfied and happy in a relationship.

The Lagos woman needs you yo earn big and be a big spender. Time has left us behind and we have come to realize that a Lagos woman do it for just the “Love”, there has been upgrades to material needs which the woman requires. The Lagos woman or Lagos based woman needs the man to earn big and spend big, nothing less!!! Spending less in the relationship takes away the mirage love inherent in the relationship replacing it with complains and nags.

The Lagos woman needs you to do it well!!! You know what i mean *winks*. Failure to take her breath away while doing it creates room for “Mr. Do it well” to creep into the relationship in style. The Lagos woman sees this form of exercise as the time to relax and flex with bae after the long day uneasy hustle.

After reading through my very sketchy idea, i suppose you have points you want to share pertaining this discourse, Kindly have your self the comment box below to share your view. What do you think a Lagos woman or women around the World need better than muscles and six packs.

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