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On the internet Bots exist everywhere, when might be chatting with you and pretend to be a customer service representative, they respond to comments online and even stay active on your smartphone as your personal assistant such as Siri, Cortana and et al. This bots software are designed to automated task and run repetitive activities by the user. When a uses Siri for example, it gathers information on the web and on our smartphone which is  will presented to us.


The bot begin used here is of Duta, Wikipedia dosen’t have any official bot as we speak. Duta aggregate stuff from the web, based on queries and they claim they don’t spam on you. This simply means that they can see your mobile number, so i advise you use your discretion before you proceed.

Setting up the Bot

Step 1:

Visit  their , save the digit given there to your phonebook.

Step 2:

Create a group with the bot since it doesn’t respond to direct chat. You can decide to be the one person in the group or you can also include your friends. The bot will reply to all participants in the group.

Step 3:

Let’s see how the command line are given. we have over 20+ commands that can be issued, but we will be dealing with the importance ones that are not country specific.

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