Kola Ogunkoya – Yes Sir | New Video

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Kola Ogunkoya – Yes Sir | New Video

Kola Ogunkoya popularly known by a Name the Music Legend (Fela Anikulapo Kuti) gave him in an Event in Lagos, He is Popularly known by the Name “Gbedu Master” is a Nigerian-American International Afrobeat Musician and Instrumentalist.

He became a Force to Reckon with and A Talent to Sought after when He Released his Impeccable and Smashing body of work titled (Sweetie Baby) Released in the late 90s.
This song was accepted all Over Africa and the world which paved way for him to Mount Important Event Stages all over the World such as; Star Mega Jamz,Chicago Jazz Festival, African World Festival to mention a few.
There’s been so Many questions about the Veteran Musician’s Consistency As many believed he has absconded from the music scene after the Massive Success of his Body of Work (Sweetie Baby) but he has been in the united States doing music, he released 6 tracks which he performed in concerts across the world.

Kola Ogunkoya (Gbedu Master) is back in his Motherland to set a New Record as he Releases a new body of Work which is quite Astonishing as He did what isn’t expected of him or his Peers as he Switches up and makes a Record with this Funkified and Modernized Video which Both the Adults and Teens will be able to relate and accept.

Cardoso directed the video which was shot in Lagos entitled “YES SIR“.


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