The Kizz Daniel “Fvck You” Challenge, Escape Nightclub Owner Speaks Out!, Nollywood Actress Oge Okoye Clears the Air……In Today’s Gist!

The Kizz Daniel "Fvck You" Challenge


Thank God It’s Friday!!!

I can already see into the weekend and I know it’s gonna be AmaZiiiing! You ready?!

And I hear its Fvck You Season…LOL

Kizz Daniel’s latest single “Fvck You”, produced by YBNL’s Long John, seems to have inspired guys to talk about how trashy some girls can be. Different covers of the song by different other known and upcoming artists has been shared all over social media.

But I hope y’all know not all girls are scums. Yes, I agree there are ladies who have done unbelievable things to their lovers, hurting and exploiting them, however, we should not ignore the fact that there are still some good girls out there. So while you guys keep dropping hot punch lines to diss the female gender, don’t forget it shouldn’t be generalized, maybe then we won’t take it personally.

Tiwa Savage actually did a reply cover too, which is pretty cool. We ladies needed someone to drop a reply and i have a feeling more female replies are coming.(i actually saw one on twitter already)

Actually, I enjoyed listening to some of the covers, especially that of Dremo.

Here are some of the ones I liked-

Nollywood Actress Oge Okoye Clears the Air


So a video of the beautiful Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye, at the church of the controversial South African pastor who staged a resurrection miracle surfaced on social media. I’m not sure but I think it was initially shared by Daddy Freeze? Maybe I’m wrong.

Anyways, the video shows Oge being prophesied to by the South African pastor who was able to mention her children’s name even though he didn’t know them? Or maybe it was staged too, I don’t know.

Nigerians (You should know them na) had a lot to say; most of them concluding that the controversial South African pastor must have hired a better Actor this time for a perfect staged miracle and that Oge most have been paid.

However, Oge had to clear the air and explain how she found herself in the South African’s pastor’s church:

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Good morning Glam FAMILY………I try to be calm about everything and anything especially when Negativity screams out so loud. I don't try to Calm the Storm,but will only Calm my mind and the Storm will Pass..though i owe no one any explanation as regards to my personal heavenly race but I feel like addressing THIS wild fire🔥 I Travelled to see my mum as usual and she told me how she came across the youtube channel of AMI church and that she's been following them ever since because of what God is doing in the church through Pastor Alphlukau. So my mum wanted to visit the church because of her younger sister(My aunt)who is a cancer patient,wheelchair bound and is bedridden. Due to Mum's age,I didn't want her making that long journey from Spain to South Africa so I requested for my aunt's pictures and promised her that I would visit the church so I can stand in for her as a point of contact. That was how i visited AMI on the Sunday, 14th of October 2018,last year. Go on youtube and see for yourselves. Please Nigerians,Is anything wrong in seeking the face of God or standing in the gap for my sick aunty? How Gullible can people be?Why fabricate stories? Meanwhile how much do you think I will be paid to do the unimaginable? God forbid🙀 Whoever said that..May they be visited with the same bitter pill to swallow IJN. Amen🙏 Thank you Lord for all the blessings. #NoShameInGOD#ITrustInGod#GodIsMyRock#NoRegrets#ProudOfGod#ProudtosayIT💖

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Well whatever the truth is, whether she was paid to act there or she actually went to really seek the face of God, it’s NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!

Escape Nightclub Owner Speaks Out!


Just like I always tell people; see ehnn most of these celebrities don’t have as much as we think or as much as they make us believe. Yes, we actually have those wealthy celebrities who can really afford all the luxury they show off on social media but we also have those celebrities that are broke but acting rich, some that actually have little but spend more than they should just to show off or feel among and then we have some that actually have this money but are too stingy to spend it but they prefer owing people Upandan…..SMH!

So it seems like what really caused the popular nightclub “Escape” to get shut down is the debt the club incurred as a result of some well-known celebrities who were and still owing the club.

It seems like these celebrities just pop all the pop-ables and promise to pay later but don’t. Now the owner has said he doesn’t care anymore ooo he had to speak out and that other Nightclubs might not talk because they are still in business. And since its Fvck You Season, he is done keeping quiet.

He also added that we will be shocked by the names of celebrities on his list of debtors; Musicians, Footballers, Politicians, Big Brother Housemates and even Slay Queens!

I say RELEASE THE LIST! Lerros seeee……Hehehehe


Child S*xual Abuse: Boys Should Be Given Attention Too


Most times when the idea of S3xual Abuse against children comes to mind, we first think of the girl child as a victim forgetting that little boys can actually fall victim of S3xual abuse as little children.

Abolaji Dairo shared his first S3xual experience as a 7-year-old in his father’s house narrating how the maid employed by his stepmother abused him S3xually.

Parents need to pay attention to the male child too, must of them do not say anything because they don’t want to be called weak.

Have A Great Weekend!

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