Men’s wardrobe Essentials (The stylish man)

“Dress how you want to be addressed”,

” life is a party, dress like it”,

“life isn’t perfect, but your outfit could be”

There are probably hundreds of quotes that emphasize the importance of personal style and a general sense of fashion in our outfits and appearances. Over the years, we have must have read or heard several quotes about how we should dress and pay attention to our personal style and appearance, which is why we shall discuss the act of being a stylish man in today’s society and your wardrobe essentials which would help you pull off any look effortlessly.


Gone are the days when men paid little or no attention to their appearance and lacked a genuine sense of fashion while relegating the idea of looking good to the female gender. We now live in an era where men develop fashion trends and go out of the norm to develop an appearance that suits the personal style and they pay attention to their fashion items and accessories alike.

Have you ever had an outing and had no idea what to wear or the items in your wardrobe just don’t make any sense when you try to piece them together? well read along because all of that is about to come to an end.

This article basically aims at helping us to piece together a wardrobe that will serve as a backbone for whatever style or trend or occasion that may come your way.

1.  A WHITE BUTTON DOWN SHIRT:  This is a wardrobe essential for every man as it comes in handy at both formal and informal occasions. A white button down shirt can be worn with a blazer or can be paired with jeans to give an informal look. Whatever the occasion, you can never go wrong when you pull off a white shirt look.


2. A GOOD PAIR OF JEANS:  The evolution of men’s fashion trends has allowed that with a good pair of jeans in your possession, you are good to go. You can combine either a blue jean or a black jean to a semi-formal event or an informal event and pair it up with a good shirt or t-shirt and look cool.


3. A BLAZER/JACKET:  Add a touch of class and elegance to your appearance with a blazer or jacket in your wardrobe. Get a quality blazer (preferably black or grey) for both formal, informal and semi-formal occasions. Want to be a classic man like Jidenna and get those swooning looks as you strut along in your outfits? then invest in a good jacket to spice up what would normally be an “okay” or “boring” outfit.

4. A PAIR OF CHINOS/ PANT TROUSERS: As a responsible gentleman in today’s fashion world, you should own a couple of men pants or chinos in simple or darker tones. You can wear these to complete a formal outfit with a button down white shirt and a blazer. Also, it is VERY IMPORTANT to make sure that your pants are well tailored and not too tight or too baggy.

5. A PAIR OF DRESS SHOES: Nothing speaks classic man than a well polished and neat dress shoe to finish off your look. There are different types and styles to choose from ranging from oxfords, brogues, monk straps to loafers and chukka boots. It is preferable that you choose either a black or brown shoe and always match with your belt.

6. A PAIR OF SNEAKERS: Personally, i prefer to have a white sneakers in my wardrobe as an essential item because they are not so hard to pull of and can be used to switch up any kind of outfit. Adding a pair of sneakers to your wardrobe essentials always comes in handy with informal or semi-formal occasions without trying to look too swagged out. Sometimes, the classic man plays it cool also *wink*.

7. T-SHIRTS: In my opinion, i would say that t-shirts are one of the greatest and most versatile pieces of men’s fashion. be it a casual day or just running an errand, chilling in the crib, having a date, going to the bar, getting to class, I’m sure you get what i mean already. T-shirts are a must have for every man; in fact they should be number 1 on your list of items when building your wardrobe. EVERYBODY needs a good t-shirt in his wardrobe.

However it is important to stay with mature darker colors or mono colored t-shirts rather than heavy graphic or detailed tees. I say this because t-shirts in mono colors like white, black, blue, grey, e.t.c can help you to look cool and mature at the same time when pieced together in an outfit.

  8. A TRADITIONAL ATTIRE:  YES!!! oh you thought i was going to forget about this abi?? lol.  EVERY nigerian man should have at least one traditional attire in his wardrobe ready for those special “owambe” occasions. I know some people will try to hide under the “i don’t wear native” umbrella but hear me out first. Have you ever been to an event and you saw the men line up their agbada and their well tailored attires? How did the sight of that make you feel???

it doesn’t necessarily have to be an agbada though, you can get a well tailored outfit from your local tailor and have it ready to go so that they don’t skip you when sharing semo.

9. SWEATSHIRT/HOODIE/CARDIGAN: My personal favorite is a hoodie but before i proceed let’s observe a minute silence for the hoodies and sweatshirts our girlfriends have taken from us. It gets cold here in Nigeria also when it rains and especially during the harmattan season; this is where this fashion piece comes into functionality. A cardigan basically asides being a fashion item in your wardrobe can serve as a shield for your body against harsh weather conditions also, so this is why it is a must have in your wardrobe collection.

10. ACCESSORIES: Fashion thrives on detailing no matter how big or little, a piece of accessory can give a sparkle to a drab outfit and change the entire look. Accessorizing an outfit is not for women alone, fashion trends and its evolution has allowed it that man can now add more accessories to his clothing than just a belt and wristwatch. Invest in a bunch of accessories for your closet to switch up your look from time to time. For starters,you can yourself a pair of quality wristwatches or hand chains, a good belt, a tie, a pocket square, a neck chain, brooch, the list goes on. Just find something that works for you to detail your classic man look.


So there you have it boys, if you are looking to reinvent your style by switching up your wardrobe, this should be a guideline for selecting your fashion pieces in order for you to slay (yes Men slay too). Dress smart and dress classy; remember ” Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.

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