Sam Sun – It Will Get Better

Sam Sun - It Will Get Better

As the year gradually comes to an end, singer and songwriter, Sam Sun reflects certain scenarios
in new song “It will get better”, referencing incidents of depression and regrets, with a beautiful
hope in the future that things will get better. The Latino groove scales through the energy hinting at an amazing future, relatable a fact, enjoyable with the vibe.

The heartfelt composition in this ballad perfectly complement Sun’s voice, “It will get better”,
delivers a sincere message about mental health and escaping reality of the present, though the

song crosses other topics from the intro to the chorus. The emotions behind the song cannot be
neglected as Sam rather paints sadness with sadness he does the opposite by painting sadness with hope and believe.

On It will get better, Sam Sun shared

I was kind of depressed when I made this song but I didn’t want the vibe to reflect my sadness, rather I
wanted people to hear this song and dance their pain away knowing, everything will be alright. I’ve had
issues with my sounds from the on-start and I was sad I wasn’t getting equal reception to the hard work,
but hey! I had to be better. I wasn’t alright for 2 months, all of a sudden the words fell from my mouth…
“It Will Get Better”… I began writing on it. Things happen, we fail to appreciate and work harder for
success… I just hope anyone listening to this song, appreciates where they are and know for a fact, it won’t be like this forever

Experience the dynamic of hope with It will get better below:

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