Yéla – Anti-Social Ft. John Ogah

Yéla - Anti-Social Ft. John Ogah

“Anti-Social” is a mid tempo Afro R&B fusion song. I got the idea for the song sitting by myself, in at crowded house party. 2019 was a year of introspection so i wanted everything i wrote to expressly detail what i was feeling or realizing about myself and i got to find out i’m basically a hermit. i enjoy my own company and it can have its perks but i’m quick to also mention that it definitely has its pitfalls.

I feel like a lot of us feel like this sometimes or even more than usual and at times its ok to want your space and get to know who you really are. Other times its a death trap so the best way to manage it (I’ve found) is coming out of your shell every time and again and finding a balance … your frequency.

Featuring John was something i wanted to do for a while but i needed the right track and this seamed like the one. Collaborating with him was easy and fun as we bounced ideas off of each other.

Listen below;

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